Here are some questions to consider asking your DJ before you book them. Every event is different so it is important to pick the entertainment that fits your personality the best.


Does your entertainment provide a contract?​

We require a deposit and contract in order to save a date. Every event is required to have a signed contract no matter how small or how large.


Will you be the DJ at my event?

Mike Bennett or Matt Burkhalter will be your DJ.  Who ever you choose during your initial meeting will be your DJ at your event.   


May we meet with you? Multiple times?

Absolutely! In fact we request to meet prior to your event. Most events we like to meet prior to signing the contract to make sure we are the best fit for your entertainment needs. Then we like to meet again closer to the event to go over details.


How long have you been a DJ?​

Mike started DJ'n in 2001 as a high school student. He progressed to doing weddings immediately following school, and has been doing roughly 35-40 events a year.  Matt started in 2011 and has been working with Mike since then.


Do you perform more than one event a day?​

We will perform more than one event if certain details are arranged prior to the day of your event. We occasionally provide entertainment for walk/runs in mornings then perform weddings in the evening. We make sure before booking that there will be plenty of time in between for any situation that may arrise.


What's your backup plan?

Efusion has a backup plan for every detail we provide. We use top of the line equipment. In the event of failure, we have backup equipment in that situation. If one of our DJ's has an emergency, we have backups on hand at all times.


What's make's you "Professional"?

We take pride in being professional DJ's. First and foremost we know that we are not the star of the event, you are. We make sure our setup is clean and not an eyesore. Our dress code is usually khaki pants and a black polo unless otherwise stated on contract. As far as music goes, we buy our music legally. If the unthinkable happens and there is an accident, we provide insurance to cover any sort of a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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